Your Best Hour Ever.

Fayetteville’s Premier
CrossFit Facility

At BGB CrossFit, we’re all about community...and results. We’re athletes who are all about structure and form, but we also believe that passion, hard work and dedication are the tools needed for success. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we’ll provide you with those critical tools, and we’ll expect you to pay it forward, too.

Here, our community is truly the soul of our gym. There’s a real sense of accountability and belonging, and you’ll always be celebrated as a member of our community. Everyone here is committed to each other’s personal best, both inside and outside of the box. So, leave your fear and intimidation at the door.

At BGB CrossFit, you’ll love the amount of support and encouragement you receive from everyone around you. You’ll also see why other gyms refer their best athletes to us. We can’t wait to meet you—and share in your triumphs and accomplishments!

The best part of every day.

Ready, set, go!

Our Facility

BGB CrossFit’s huge 6,000-square-foot facility in Fayetteville is everything you want in a CrossFit gym—and more is coming! You’ll love our 16-foot ceilings and six 14x14-foot bay doors, and when our expansion is complete, we’ll have two showers, a pro shop, a kids room, and a members’ lounge. Our clean, well-stocked box features all the cool CrossFit tools you know and love, so you’ll never waste your workout or shower time waiting for your turn. The hardest part of the whole experience is you getting yourself to our gym every day—but we know that once you do, it’ll always be the best part of your day. Click the button below to take a photo tour of BGB CrossFit now.

  • Charles and Derrick

    At 41, I would say I am strongest I have ever been in my life. I feel great. CrossFit is a full body work out and I really love it. It really works for me. Having the coaches and other athletes here doing the same workout at the same time…

  • Nicole and Nat

    The thing that did it for me is the nutritional value and coming in here and putting that fuel I put in my body towards working out.

  • Zach and Greg

    I actually do meal prep and measure my food now. It helps me to perform better at a higher level in here. I'm stronger, faster, leaner, and a much better athlete now than when I played collegiate baseball.